Practical Solutions for a Better World

The title of this post is the perhaps the greatest need in the world today. Problems take all forms, and inevitably are experienced by everyone. The purpose of this blog is to offer solutions that can be implemented to make the world we live in a better place. Certainly, some of you may wonder what makes me qualified to offer such advice. I am just another human with my own (possibly flawed) set of opinions after all, yes? All I can tell you is this: what I write here is based totally on my own convictions, observations, reasoning, and moral compass. Right here, I know that I have already lost some of you from going any further on this journey into fixing the world’s problems with me. That’s okay. I am not going to apologize for writing what I believe. Some of you may come back and really be ticked off at what I have to say because it doesn’t float your fancy, or follow a set of prescribed social norms. Guess what? I don’t really care. I am here to blaze a trail to offer all the sound advice that I can muster. Much of what others offer as a solution to life’s problems aren’t really solutions, but rather problem delayers or even worse–additional problems. Fact: solutions work, if by definition they are really a solution. That is what the world needs, and that is what I bring to the table–solutions. For those of you who want on the train, hop on. I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Shocked? Sure, but not disappointed.







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