Thoughts About Death & Dying—Part 1.

Coming to terms with death can be a very challenging endeavor that many are more than reluctant to do. Even for those who state that their soul is prepared (myself included), the sheer weight of the uncertainty that looms in the future for all of us can cause life-changing anxiety, depression, or worse. For those of you who are in this latter crowd of death-phobics I have two words for you: fear not.

Fearing death is for those who have been conditioned to fear it, and nowhere is there a more ripe atmosphere for this type of conditioning than in today’s modern society. This conditioning primarily comes from one main source—our secular education system.

From the time our populous is old enough to walk and speak a few words all the way through their final years of college, they are groomed like people born into a cult that is bent on controlling them. First, they are influenced to trust individuals that operate under the guise of teachers, counselors, principals, superintendents, and the like. Those doing the influencing to trust these individuals are most likely the children’s parents, who also were influenced in this system before them (and in the same manner). Once a child feels safe in trusting these individuals that work in the secular education system, the ease that they can be influenced is guaranteed. By grade school, they are taught—as fact, nonetheless—that life originated from simple inanimate elements, “evolved” into what we humans are today, and then die into nothingness. They simultaneously attribute these beliefs to their god of Science whilst promoting any belief in an actual God as fantasy or science fiction—such believers ostracized as religious, single-minded zealots. You want the straight dope? Here ya go: These are thoughts of men (the race of men, not the gender of), theories of men (not facts, but theories—and that’s a fact, Jack), suppositions of men, persuaded by men with all the fallibility and error inherent in men. Men who act as though they are God through the words they express and ideas they share, who expect you to believe their irrational and unsubstantiated statements about death, cloaked under the guise of “science”. Men, who’s egos are the size of Nebraska with all of their “formal education” (created by the same—you guessed it—men before them) they wield as their source of absolute authority…..these are the individuals who want you to internalize with all sincerity that your life is ultimately the sum of a blend of cosmic dust that will meet a fate of eternal meaninglessness and oblivion. What a load of crap. And all of us wonder why mental health is such a prevalent news headline these days. Anyone without hope is at high risk for an unhealthy mental state as far as I am concerned. Think about the last time you went through a rough patch in life where the situation you faced appeared hopeless. I bet in hindsight that you didn’t feel particularly mentally stable, did you? Case in point. Now let me tell you some things that I hope will give you hope and peace.

Let me be the first to tell you that death does not physically hurt, at least not in the sense of what we humans can perceive in the natural universe. In order to feel pain, one has to be alive. This is due to the fact that the brain has to process pain signals so they can be felt/detected—and that requires life. Once life is over there is no operational brain, thus, no ability to process/detect pain.

Now let’s dig in to the other side of this, into some deep philosophy. First, it must be said that anyone who doesn’t believe in God will accept the notion that when they draw their final breath, they become nothing more than inanimate matter. For people who think along these lines, our physical bodies are the total sum of what and who we are. To think like this is the superlative of hypocrisy because for anyone who claims to be a rational human being (especially when it comes down to being scientific) must employ all evidence surrounding an issue or event. For one to make the claim that the sum of a person is nothing more than the matter that makes up their physical body, is to deny a plethora of evidence that demonstrably substantiates otherwise. Observable phenomena such as sentience, emotion, memories, desires, and even knowledge itself are all immaterial in nature, thus, point to a conclusion that humans are more than just a composite of varying types of molecules. Sentience (the state of being self-aware) has some of it’s faculties controlled by the brain, but sentience itself is immaterial. Emotions can be influenced by hormone levels, but raw emotion itself is immaterial. Memories are stored in the brain, yet have no mass—both immaterial and highly complex. Desires and knowledge likewise follow suit. So, here’s a thought: Does it make rational sense to conclude that such observable, immeasurably complex, immaterial phenomena is a result of nothing but inanimate molecules? It certainly does not seem rational to me. Before you read any further, I ask you stop for a minute and contrast what you have been told your whole life in the secular education system and ask yourself if anything I have written here has any merit whatsoever. I think any rational human being would use some logic (immaterial in nature) and some reasoning skills (yep, more immaterial stuff there) to conclude that we are more than inanimate molecules. We are more than physical matter. We are even more than the energy that facilitates our bodies to function and allow for all of this immeasurably complex immaterial phenomena to operate. The essence of who and what we really are is most accurately defined as a spirit—a sentient, self-aware entity that has emotions, desires, feelings, and memories with a will of it’s own. Does this describe you? It sure describes me, and I say that with conviction (yet another immaterial phenomena). Examine what makes you, you. The educational elites teach that we are all just carbon-based (i.e. inanimate molecules). It that you? Look at your life, all you have done, all you remember, and all you have planned. Look at the lives of everyone you have ever known. Reminisce about all of them. Compare them and you collectively to carbon. Is that all you are? Is that all they are? Carbon? Let me tell you, man….I don’t care how many Ph.Ds someone has after their name. There is no physical way that you are reading this article (nor that I wrote it), perceiving it, comprehending it, retaining the knowledge from it, and then deciding how you may or may not use it as merely a mass of carbon/inanimate molecules. That, my friend, is completely irrational per what I just wrote in this article.

The fact is that you and every other human being in existence—that ever was, is, or will be—is comprised of a highly complex physical body, an immaterial spirit that is the life force for it (“what you really are”), and the collective immaterial phenomena that make you, you—your soul (“who” you really are). There is no observable source of life forces in the natural universe. The fact that we all are a life force/spirit leads to a rational conclusion that the source of all life forces lies outside of the natural universe in an undetectable state and/or dimension. This also means that when our physical bodies die, our life force/spirit and our soul (the real you and me) continue to exist. Physical death is not the end. The end is an existence in eternity. I will rationally discuss that, God, and preparing for eternity in a future post. In the mean time I can personally attest to the fact that I have enormous peace about death, to the point that it is a non-issue for me by placing my faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Like I said, I will discuss this in great detail in the near-future, but for those of you who want peace in your life with an assurance of eternal life after death, placing your faith and trust in Jesus Christ (and honoring His commandments) will solve this issue.

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